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you are ready for dental implants if

Dental implants in St. Albert are a solution to tooth loss. Implants replace missing roots, stimulate new bone growth to improve the health of your jaw, and can support artificial replacement teeth. Unlike dentures, implants can be a permanent solution for missing teeth and all the cosmetic, dental, and medical implications of being edentulous.
Should you be considering dental implants? We want to ensure that everyone who could benefit from modern and sophisticated dental implants from our dental office in St. Albert knows their benefits. Here are five situations in which you should consider dental implants.

If You’re Missing Teeth, You’re Ready For Dental Implants in St. Albert

Living with missing teeth in the long term causes medical, dental, and cosmetic problems. Before explaining that statement, we’ll immediately cut right to the good news — titanium dental implants from our dental clinic near you can resolve all of these issues.

Living without teeth means you can’t eat all of the foods you need to stay healthy. Binging on carbohydrates because pasta is easy to eat without teeth leaves you starved for essential nutrients found only in raw vegetables. The tissues and bone in your jaw structure will gradually deteriorate if gaps are left in your jaw long-term, causing your facial structure to weaken and collapse.

As your facial structure weakens and collapses, the structure and appearance of your face will change and take on a sunken look. That’s not to mention that you’ll forever be repressing your smile and hiding from the range of cameras while avoiding special occasions and intimate moments. Remember the good news? The treatment of Dental implants near you from our dental office solve all these problems.

If Your Teeth are Broken And Cracked, You’re Ready For Dental Implants

Dentists near you can fill and restore cracked and broken teeth, but only to a point. At a certain point, the structure of your tooth becomes too weak to withstand the pressures of chewing or becomes so seriously infected that extraction is the only option.

Our dentist in St. Albert will carefully assess your teeth to determine if their natural function can be restored or if extraction and implants are the most appropriate course of action.

If You’re Living With Jaw Pain, You are Ready For Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth and jaw pain? If so, it is not a coincidence or a situation to be ignored or taken lightly. The loss of structural integrity that results from the loss of teeth, and the deterioration in muscle and bone strength in the absence of teeth, can cause significant pain in your jaw. Beyond that, just because you are missing teeth does not mean you can not develop gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis. The empty sockets in your jaw may leave you particularly vulnerable to infection that can spread into the interior of your jaw and throughout your body.

If Eating and Speaking are Hard, You are Ready For Implants

Quite apart from your body’s essential need for nutrition, the ability to eat and enjoy food is a significant part of every person’s well-being and preferred lifestyle. Beyond their role in processing food, teeth are essential to your mouth’s ability to pronounce words. Without teeth, you will find it harder and harder to make certain sounds and speak clearly over time. This inability to speak clearly, credibly, and confidently can significantly undermine your confidence and credibility in personal and professional situations.

Dental implants constructed from modern and custom-crafted materials for your personal circumstances offer an enormous menu of options for solving all of the cosmetic, medical, dental, and lifestyle issues that come with tooth loss. However, that tooth loss was caused.

If you are ready to stop sacrificing your health and well-being to your past tooth loss, contact our dental clinic in St. Albert to arrange for an assessment of implant options. It’s the simple first step to renewed dental health and personal well-being.