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Full Coverage Dental Crown at Dentus Family Dental: What is a Crown For?

When it comes to restoring your smile, at Dentus Family Dental we have both the knowledge and expertise to deal with teeth that are either broken, extensively restored, previously root canaled or cracked. Crowns are a treatment option that has been in dentistry for years, and over the years the materials and esthetics have only continued to improve.

At Dentus Family Dental, we provide dental crowns in St. Albert in a variety of materials ranging from porcelain to zirconia, which is a metal crown that has the look of porcelain. Our Dentist will let you know what material is best for you based on your individual needs and desired esthetic outcome. We work with incredible off-site labs to help us fabricate a crown that is both functional and beautiful. Are you interested in receiving dental crowns near you? Contact us today to discuss if a dental crown is the best treatment solution for your dental needs and concerns.

dental crowns in st albert

Receiving Dental Crowns Treatment in St. Albert!

Dental crowns treatment in St. Albert provides you with high-quality dental care. High-quality solutions are provided by our committed team to restore the function and appearance of your smile. Our clinic is conveniently positioned and offers dental crowns close to you, guaranteeing a pleasant and effective experience.

Our skilled dentists create custom crowns that seamlessly match your original teeth, whether they are needed for dental decay, damage, or cosmetic improvement. We prioritize your dental health and aesthetic goals using cutting-edge methods and materials. Reliable tooth crown treatment in St. Albert that revitalizes your smile and increases your confidence can elevate your dental experience.