Emergency Dentistry Near You

A dental emergency is any oral injury that causes bleeding, intense pain, or fractured facial bones. Even more serious issues, such as spreading infection, movable teeth, and tooth loss, might arise from untreated dental disease. In case of any dental problems, you can reach out to our emergency dentistry in St. Albert without any hesitation.

All the dental technology you would anticipate from your family St. Albert dentist is available at our office. We offer care in a secure, spotless, sterile, and expert dental setting.

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What is The Most Common Emergency in The Dental Office?

Here are the dental emergencies that happen most frequently in dentist clinics.
• Severe toothache.
• Knocked-out tooth.
• Dental abscess.
• Extruded tooth.
• Lost or broken dental restoration.
• Severe soft tissue injury.

Our 24-hour emergency dentist near you, for various dental emergencies, provides same-day urgent care appointments and services. We’re here for you; you can seek emergency dental services immediately, whether your teeth are broken or bleeding gums.

Is a Severe Toothache an Emergency?

A severe toothache may qualify as a dental emergency, mainly if it is excruciating and long-lasting. In addition, it can be a sign of an underlying problem, like an abscess or tooth infection, that needs to be treated right away by a dentist. For a severe toothache, seeking dental care right once is advised to address the underlying issue and reduce discomfort.

For teeth to heal after being cracked or fractured, our emergency dentist in St. Albert with make the necessary repairs. These issues will only get worse if they are not handled right away.

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Our emergency dental clinic offers immediate attention and treatment for those with severe toothaches, damaged teeth, infections, or other urgent oral health problems.

Dental emergency problems are handled quickly and successfully by our qualified dental specialists. Patients can anticipate a rapid examination, diagnosis, and selection of the best therapies to reduce discomfort and care for underlying dental issues. Patients’ immediate needs are prioritized at emergency dental clinics, which offer prompt and effective care to protect their oral health and general well-being.

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Dental Emergency FAQS

Severe tooth pain, facial swelling, bleeding from the mouth or gums, knocked-out or shattered teeth, indications of infection, loose or missing dental restorations, fractured or dislocated jaws, soft tissue injuries, and oral trauma are all signals of a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies, including excruciating toothaches, shattered teeth, knocked-out teeth, infections, and dental trauma, are treated immediately by an emergency dentist in St. Albert. They identify the issue, treat the urgent situation, and give the appropriate treatments or interventions to improve oral comfort and health.

When a severe tooth infection manifests with symptoms like excruciating pain that won’t go away, swelling of the face or gums, difficulty breathing or swallowing, fever, or an abscess that is draining, it might be considered a dental emergency. A severe tooth infection can spread to other body areas and cause life-threatening problems if it is not treated. Therefore, getting dental care right away if you have these symptoms is crucial to stop the infection from getting worse and get the right treatments.

Yes, the emergency room (ER) may pull a tooth in some circumstances, but there are better or preferable locations for routine dental care. In addition, emergency rooms don’t typically have specialist dental equipment or dental professionals on staff and instead tend to concentrate on urgent, life-threatening problems.

In severe face damage, excessive bleeding, or life-threatening infections, ERs may think about extracting a tooth. However, the main objective of the ER is to stabilize the patient’s condition and offer short-term comfort until they can receive the necessary dental care from a dentist.

For routine tooth extractions and other dental treatments, it is advised to see a dentist or oral surgeon. They have the knowledge, tools, and sterile setting to carry out dental procedures safely and efficiently. In addition, speaking with a dental professional for the best treatment if you are experiencing dental problems is advisable.

Make an emergency appointment with your dentist by calling (or having someone in your home call). You must seek assistance immediately with an emergency dentist near you if you are experiencing severe bleeding that won’t stop or slow down. This entails skipping the dentist appointment and heading straight to the ER.

You should schedule a dental appointment if the tooth is only slightly damaged so the dentist can fill it or smooth it out. This may wait till the dental office opens because it is not an emergency.