Dental Bridges Near You in St. Albert

At Dentus Family Dental, we provide a wealth of useful dental solutions; each of which aims at restoring function, esthetics and overall well being. Dental bridges are one way of replacing a missing tooth in your mouth. Dental bridges are cemented or “fixed” in the mouth and involve at least three crowns connected together to fill the space of the missing tooth. This design does require a bit more care with brushing and flossing, so extra oral hygiene instruction and meticulous home care are crucial, all of which our team at Dentus Family Dental will be happy to guide you in caring for your Dental Bridge.

Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

That, of course, depends on your unique situation. With our help at Dentus Family Dental, we can together discuss your desired treatment outcomes while factoring in your oral health, the surrounding teeth and their supporting structures (i.e., bone support) to help you determine if a Dental Bridge is your best solution to replacing a missing tooth.

Our team is well educated, and our goal is to help you fully understand your treatment options that are available to you. For more help, information and inspiration, contact us today!