What Are the Top Materials for Dental Implants?

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what are the top materials for dental implants

Implants are known to be comfortable and have been designed to look like natural-looking teeth. As a result, dental implants have a high success rate. These are probably why you have considered receiving dental implants near you.

However, this probably means you have started to ask the next question, what material are dental implants made of? In short, the answer can vary depending on the patient’s needs. That’s why when considering dental implants, we wanted to discuss the best dental implant products used in the dentistry field and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

1. Porcelain

A dental implant is made up of several different parts, one of these being the prosthetic tooth. Similar to dental crowns, this portion of the dental implant is usually made of porcelain. Since its colour closely resembles actual teeth in its natural look and its ease of eating and talking. Since each person has a unique smile, dental implants will be custom-made to complement the patient’s natural teeth. Our Dentists are trained to fit the scale, shape and colour exactly, so distinguishing between a porcelain tooth and a real tooth should be nearly impossible.

2. Titanium

Underneath, porcelain Titanium is one of the most common materials used in dental implants. This is because it can be easily implanted into bone. Results suggest that implants made of titanium metal allow the bone to expand correctly during this period. The bone can grow next to them as it is put in contact with the bone and is not disturbed. In exchange, this would create a lasting affinity.

An implant might not be solely Titanium. Instead, it will likely include a titanium alloy, including trace amounts of other metals like nickel, aluminum, molybdenum, vanadium, niobium, or zirconium. Titanium is crucial for dental implants since it is non-toxic, durable and light. The Titanium will act as a replacement root of the tooth and typically last for more than 30 years.

For example, Titanium in both medical and dental procedures has been studied and given a high success rate. It was distinguished from Zirconia because of its versatility. Titanium, as a metal, has been the first alternative in bone and plate implant types. Titanium dental implants with porcelain caps are long-lasting and can complete a smile for a lifetime.

3. Ceramics

Although less common, all-ceramic implants can be an excellent esthetic result with no colour change. Unfortunately, ceramics are only recommended for some patients and must be placed with extreme care.

4. Zirconium

Compared to Titanium, Zirconia is a recent invention and has become one of the most promising future materials for dental implants since the 1990s. It was later, in 2003, that the first all-in-one Zirconia dental crown was released. Zirconia is becoming an alternative to Titanium since it is strong like metal and resembles real teeth like porcelain. These implants differ from the Titanium porcelain combination since these typically come in two pieces, whereas Zirconia only comes in one.

Zirconia dental implant materials are becoming increasingly popular in use. However, they are still new to the world of dental implants and have fewer success cases as a result. That said, we believe this material is one to keep your eye on!

Why Choose Dentus Family Dental?

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