The Teeth Whitening Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dentist

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the teeth whitening questions you should be asking your dentist

Before whitening your teeth, knowing what this entails and the care you should follow after the procedure is essential. If you are receiving teeth whitening treatment in St. Albert at a professional’s office, it’s necessary to learn about this procedure first. Here are some things you shouldn’t forget to ask when you head to our dental specialist near you to learn more about teeth whitening.

1. How Safe is the Treatment?

The majority of over-the-counter whitening products contain a minimal amount of abrasive chemicals and are usually very safe. Despite this, you must verify the safety of the product first. When you go to our dentist in St. Albert, they might use products with a higher carbamide or hydrogen peroxide concentration. These are the components that are instrumental for teeth whitening. However, our dentist should be trained to handle these higher concentrations without harming oral health.

2. Are there any Side Effects that Should be Considered?

The most common side effect of whitening treatment is tooth sensitivity. Your gums might also be affected by this. However, any dentist near you will tell you this feeling is short-lived and should pass within a few days. However, there are more severe side effects that could take place as well.

Your gums are especially vulnerable to chemical burns if you use a very abrasive product. In addition, if the whitening is not done correctly, you might find uneven results. This means that areas of your teeth will look whiter than others. Consequently, you’ll find that instead of the lovely, white smile you wanted, you might have to go to our dentist in St. Albert to try and fix this undesired outcome.

3. How Long Before a Big Event Should I get My Teeth Whitened?

This is going to depend on the type of treatment we’re talking about. If you’re heading to our dental clinic near you to get your teeth whitened, the results are immediate for the most part. However, if you’re using a home kit, it can take approximately two weeks. Whitening toothpaste takes even longer, with approximately four weeks to achieve noticeable results. Even then, it’s not as evident as other whitening options.

4. How Long Will the Whitening Last?

This is primarily up to you. It ranges from six months to two years. However, this time might be shortened if you have habits that interfere with this. For example, drinking coffee or smoking will negatively affect your teeth whitening. Certain foods, such as blueberries and beetroot, will also have a negative effect. Therefore, you should ask for food and beverage recommendations for longer-lasting results and know what to avoid.

5. Are there Any Contraindications?

If you are a pregnant woman, underage or have prior gum or dental sensitivity, then you might not be a good match for teeth whitening near you. Furthermore, if there are other pressing issues, such as gum disease or dental decay, these should be looked at first before proceeding with teeth whitening.

6. Why are My Teeth Stained?

The best precaution to avoid staining your teeth again is knowing what happened in the first place. If a previous condition caused your tooth discolouration, this should be addressed first. If your habits are causing this, then our dentist in St. Albert can point this out to you. That way, you can avoid these habits and make sure your teeth remain white for as long as possible.