The Importance of a Family Dentistry

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the importance of family dentistry

Family dentistry has many benefits because visiting our dentist goes beyond sporting a sparkling set of pearly whites. Regular dental visits promote our overall emotional and physical health and boost our confidence. In this blog post, our team at Dentus Family Dental tells you all you need to know about family dentistry in St. Albert. Learn what our family dentist can do for you and your loved ones.

Family Dentists Ensure Good Oral Health

As mentioned above, regularly visiting our St. Albert dentist has many benefits beyond sporting a radiant smile. Having excellent oral health is the key to maintaining excellent overall health. Some of the benefits of visiting a dentist regularly include:

  • Lowered risk of developing serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, and pneumonia
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Fewer instances of oral health issues, including tooth pain, cavities, sensitivity, and gum disease

Having good oral health can do wonders for your confidence by ensuring your smile remains white and healthy. It also prevents a whole host of diseases caused by poor oral health. Everyone can benefit from these positives when their whole family visits our dentist.

Family Dentistry is Convenient

When you are a mom or dad with several young kids, it is hard to find extra time in your schedule for anything, let alone dental visits. When you see a family dentist in St. Albert, your whole household can schedule dental appointments back to back, allowing you to make one stop during your week instead of having to schedule several appointments over the span of several days or weeks.

While one person is in an appointment, you can run errands or sit in the room with your loved one and offer comfort and encouragement. Whatever you choose to do, we can guarantee that visiting one practice helps optimize your schedule and makes maintaining dental hygiene in St. Albert as easy as possible for your entire family.

Enjoy a Personalized Experience With Family Dentistry

It is always better to have a dentist that you feel comfortable with and who you can trust to have your best interests at heart. When you visit one family dentist with your entire household, you will find that the dentist gets to know each of your loved ones and can cater the experience to meet each individual’s needs. This feeling can make visiting your dentist and dental hygienist in St. Albert seem less of a chore and more of a privilege. Additionally, having a familiar face greet them will help young children feel comfortable and less apprehensive about getting dental treatments.

Visit Dentus Family Dental

As you can tell, having a trusted and good family dentist comes with many benefits. Family dentistry is a great option if you and your family enjoy convenience. With a one-stop shop for your entire family, dental appointments are easier than ever to schedule.

If you are searching for an experienced and compassionate family dentist, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals to book your appointment. We are happy to provide you with the highest quality dental care possible, so you and your loved ones can maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime.