Root Canal Therapy Painlessly Saves Teeth

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Root canal therapy has developed a reputation as being a painful and complicated procedure. That reputation is out of date, just plain wrong, and even harmful because it makes many people anxious about receiving dental treatment that would benefit their health and even save teeth from preventable extractions.

Too many people avoid essential dental treatment because they have bad or incomplete information about root canal therapy. We want you to have all the current and essential information while deciding how to respond to a dentist’s recommendations about appropriate treatment. Root canal therapy is recommended to address serious tooth infections; ignoring those recommendations can place your health at significant risk.

What is root canal therapy in St. Albert?

Each tooth contains a pulp chamber with living tissue and an area called a root canal that houses tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. When infected, that pulp chamber can fill with pus and that infection can spread elsewhere into your jaw, other teeth, mouth, and bloodstream. Each of advanced tooth decay, injury, and even repeated dental work in the same tooth can cause or contribute to tooth infections.

While performing root canal therapy, the endodontist removes the infected pulp, clears away any remaining infection, and seals the tooth to keep it from becoming reinfected and to ensure it remains structurally intact. After a period of recovery, you and your dentist in St. Albert will design a permanent crown to fit over your tooth to contribute structural support and to ensure completely normal dental function.

Will root canal therapy hurt?

Your gums and affected teeth will be fully numbed throughout your root canal procedure. Not only will you not feel pain, your dentist may be able to eliminate the sometimes uncomfortable sounds and vibrations of dental procedures by performing your root canal therapy through laser dentistry. The technologies of dental care, including root canal therapy, have come a long way for your benefit.

Patients lead normal lives pain free within just a couple days of root canal therapy in St. Albert. The removal of the infection in the tooth eases the pain you may have been experiencing by eliminating the pressure that the swelling inside the pulp of your tooth was causing.

What you need to know about root canal therapy in St. Albert

Once your infection has been removed from your tooth, you will feel immediate pain relief following the completion of your root canal procedure.

You will feel nothing while undergoing root canal because your tooth and the affected area will be completely numb because the dentist will administer local anesthetic. If you experience common dental anxiety or fear that makes surgical procedures particularly uncomfortable, speak to your dentist about those issues. Your dentist may be able to provide sedation dentistry options to ease your anxiety and to keep you as comfortable as possible. Your natural and normal discomfort after the anesthetic wears off can be treated with over the counter pain medications.

No one wants to undergo root canal therapy in St. Albert. The good news is that the need for root canal therapy near you can be avoided the same way that cavities can be prevented — getting recommended dental work, daily brushing and flossing, regular mouthwash, and regular dental check ups and professional teeth cleanings.

With this accurate and honest information about modern root canal therapy in St. Albert, carefully consider any recommendation you receive to undergo a root canal to deal with any serious tooth infection. The procedure will be painless, the recovery will be straightforward and comfortable with over the counter medication, and your pain relief will be instant. Even better? You’ll be able to save your tooth and to eliminate the need for an extraction.