How Long Does Botox Last?


Have you ever wondered what Botox cosmetic treatment in St. Albert involves? Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin A, which is a neurotoxin. Botox works by blocking a signal from the nerve to the targeted muscle to prevent it from contracting. By preventing the contraction of certain muscles, there is less pull on the skin and a decrease in the number of wrinkles. At Dentus Family Dental, our dentist near you also uses Botox to help relieve patients of painful symptoms associated with the clenching and grinding of teeth, resulting in a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). By preventing the muscles from contracting, Botox relieves the tension caused by clenching and grinding. Read more to continue learning about Botox.

What to Expect?

When you visit our dental clinic in St. Albert for Botox, the procedure will begin with our injections discussing your goals with you. They will then cleanse your face and mark the areas that are going to be injected. They may offer you a numbing cream or ice packs to aid with any discomfort. Once you are prepared, the injections will be administered in a range of areas to target the desired muscles.

You may notice some small bumps on your skin at the injection sites, but they will fade quickly. Some patients also experience minor bruising that resolves within two days.

How Long Does Botox Take to Work?

Botox usually takes effect within three to five days, but sometimes it takes up to one week before you see your full and final results. It takes this long because it takes a while for Botox to block off the nerve impulses to the muscles.

How Long Do Results Last?

We all wish that Botox would last forever, but unfortunately, it does not. Eventually, the effects of Botox will wear off, and the nerves will be able to send signals to the muscles to start contracting again. When this happens, you will have to visit our dental clinic near you for a touch-up. In general, Botox lasts anywhere between three to four months.

Sometimes, patients enjoy the effects of Botox for longer, in the range of four to six months, while some patients notice it is wearing off after about two months. It is common for first-time Botox patients to notice that it may not last as long initially but lasts much longer after the next treatment. Each patient has a unique experience when it comes to Botox, which is why results may vary.

Why Get Botox From a Dentist?

A lot of people overlook their dentist when it comes to choosing a Botox provider. However, dentists are an excellent choice for Botox because they have extensive knowledge of the muscles and structures in the face and jaws. Furthermore, dentists are familiar with the use of needles and will be sure to use them safely and effectively. If you would like to learn more about Botox and how it can help you, visit our team at Dentus Family Dental. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and get you on your way to a younger, rejuvenated appearance. Botox can help reduce signs of aging and also alleviate painful symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorder. Please get in touch with us to book a consultation today!