Everything That You Need to Know About Dental Bridging

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everything that you need to know about dental bridging

Dental bridges in St. Albert are an excellent solution for repairing your smile. They are designed to fill the spaces left by missing one or more teeth. Dental bridges are dental prosthetics that consists of pontics­­­–– artificial teeth. A bridge is usually made from porcelain and alloys with ceramics and metals. Sometimes, they can also be made from precious materials such as gold. The replacement teeth will feel and look like your natural teeth. However, note that there is still no perfect replacement for your natural teeth.

Our Dentist in St. Albert Answers The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bridges

To understand more about dental bridges, our dentist near you will answer some of the most common questions about this treatment. Hopefully, after reading this, you will understand more about this procedure and be more confident in the process.

What is A Dental Bridge?

Our dental clinic near you will recommend dental bridges after extracting your teeth or if you have a missing tooth. A dental bridge will fill the gap to prevent the shifting of adjacent teeth and bone loss. You have 4 types of dental bridges to choose from. The traditional type would be the most common. This will be introduced with the crowns. The crowns are firmly attached to the surrounding teeth by cementing them to hold the bridge in place.

You also have the option to choose a cantilever bridge. Compared to the standard type of bridge, only a single crown will support this bridge. This may be the best option if you simply have one missing tooth. A Maryland bridge is like your standard but has a more conservative approach. Finally, you can also choose the implant-supported bridge, which instead of using crowns, it is kept in place using a titanium post connected to your jawbone.

What Are the Benefits of a Dental Bridge?

You can enjoy a range of benefits when you choose this treatment. It will help in restoring your beautiful smile. If you feel pain when chewing, this treatment can help eliminate discomfort. Those who have missing teeth will also notice that it is difficult for them to pronounce certain words. Additionally, a dental bridge can improve your manner of speech. It also helps maintain the integrity of your jawbone, which keeps the original shape of your face. By filling up the gap, the force of your bite will be distributed evenly.

How Much is A Dental Bridge?

The cost of  dental bridges near you  will depend upon the type of bridging, the materials used, and where the dental procedure is conducted. If you plan to complete the procedure locally, your dental insurance may cover some of the expenses depending upon the type of plan you’ve acquired. Here are some of the factors that can affect the overall cost.

Materials Used- The materials used in making a dental bridge may include metal alloy with porcelain, zirconia, and composite resin. You also have the option to choose a bridge made from precious materials, which are more expensive.

Supplemental Treatment- There are additional treatments that our dentist may recommend in St. Albert if you have pre-existing dental and periodontal issues.

Geographical Location- Some dental clinics can provide more affordable treatment compared to dental clinics in other parts of your city.

The Number of Missing Teeth- The number of missing teeth and the space that will be filled will also determine the number of pontics that should be made.

Complexity – The difficulty of the dental procedure will also determine the cost.

A dental bridge is just one of the effective ways our dentist near you can fill the gaps. With the different types of bridging to choose from, you will have more options to recover your beautiful smile. Talk to us today if you are ready to reclaim your lost confidence.