Dental Implant Surgery and Recovery

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dental implant surgery and recovery

Are you contemplating dental Implants in St. Albert or wondering how long it takes to recover after dental implant surgery fully? This article walks you through the step-by-step process of recovery and what to do in case you’re experiencing discomfort after the surgery. The healing or recovery period varies from one individual to another and usually lasts three to four months. It’s essential to have this surgery performed at our dental clinic near you for professional care that you can trust.

After the Surgery

Immediately after the surgery, you will have gauze placed upon the surgical area. You should keep this in position for about thirty minutes before taking it out. If after removing the gauze, the bleeding persists, you may insert a fresh gauze on the area and apply steady pressure on it for another 15 minutes to stop the bleeding. It is not unusual for oozing to occur in the first 24 to 48 hours. If the bleeding is severe or above a moderate level, you may bite on a moist tea bag. This is because tea has tannic acid, which helps to stop bleeding. You should call our dental clinic for further clarification if the bleeding exists.

If you experience tenderness in or around the surgical area, you may purchase medication at a pharmacy if your dentist did not prescribe any. It is advised that you keep away from strenuous activities in the two days after surgery. This is because you stand a higher chance of bleeding and experiencing discomfort as your heart rate increases. Maintaining a diet filled with soft food is also advisable after acquiring dental implants near you.

First Week of Surgery

Swellings and discomfort have significantly reduced around the third or fourth day after surgery. If your procedure requires inserting absorbable stitches, they should begin to fall out in the first week. Depending on your procedure and individual healing periods, you may need to continue with the medication prescribed for about a week. Appointments with our dental clinic near you are usually scheduled and advised to hold between days seven and ten of the surgery to monitor the phase and rate of recovery. Normal eating habits may be resumed from the second week.

Total Period of Recovery

More often than not, dental implants require a few months of recovery before the restoration is inserted or attached to give the jawbone time to heal and fuse with the implant. Although you will feel comfortable some days after the implant is inserted, your jaw will continue its healing process and gradually begin to fuse with the dental implant through a process called osseointegration. The healing period varies from one individual to another but generally lasts three to four months. However, if you had to undergo preparatory processes like a sinus lift or a bone graft, your treatment period and recovery phase would be elongated.

It’s highly imperative to ensure proper dental hygiene during the healing period. Regular brushing and flossing are recommended to keep the teeth healthy and prevent infections that may interrupt the recovery process. This is because oral bacteria may settle and begin to infect the surgical area, compromising oral health and recovery speed.

If there are any other questions about your oral health or dental implant recovery, you may contact our oral health professional in St. Albert for clarification. You may also call our dental clinic near you to schedule an appointment.