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Dentus Family Dental Surgical Teeth Extraction

At Dentus Family Dental, we see the upset and discord caused when we mention the word 'surgical' when carrying out a dental consultation. We know that the idea of an extraction or any kind of surgical experience is deeply unsettling, and we'd like to enjoy that kind of feeling for as long as we can.

This is why, at Dentus Family Dental, we make it easier than ever for you to enjoy a comprehensive treatment plan. We'll work with you to help find the best surgical solution, making it as stress-free as it can be.

Teeth Extractions Care St Albert: When Do I Need An Extraction?

Most of the time, we recommend a dental extraction when a tooth has reached a point of clear decay. When we look at the tooth and feel that it cannot be saved with fillings and other treatments such as a crown, we'll consider the extraction.

We'll speak with you about how to best go about this; many times, it can be done without surgical needs. Sometimes, though, the severity of the tooth can see us have to turn to a solution in the surgical mold. Please be aware that we will only suggest extraction if we feel it's a 100% the best option for you personally, and would never recommend extraction unless we felt it was the best - and only - option.

Surgical Tooth Extraction St Albert: Is Extraction Safe?

Yes, 100%. We take every precaution and form of care that we can to make sure that your surgical tooth extraction is safe. We will fully detail the process with you, taking into account your own personal circumstance to help make sure you can feel as safe as possible during treatment.

We'll work with you during the consultation to make sure you appreciate the reasons why extraction is being suggested. We'll also make sure that you fully understand that, many times, extraction is a necessity that cannot be avoided once a tooth goes beyond that standard point of no return.

Root Extraction Surgery St Albert: Is Root Extraction Needed?

It depends, really, but many times root extraction can be needed. When roots become stuck post-tooth loss or simply have started to cause problems with other roots, the must be removed. This can deliver a source of immense relief, and make it much easier to go through the process of surgical extraction.

Like with tooth extraction, root extraction via surgery is only recommended when we feel it is the sole option. So, fear not: with the help of our team here at Dentus Family Dental, we'll make sure you can get dental care that delivers on your expectations and requirements personally without issue.